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I finally learned that Virtual PC on an external HD is an excellent way to do development and general learning.  So I have a baseline BizTalk 2006 r2 and now need a baseline BizTalk 2009.

So 1st step was to install Windows Server 2008 (enterprise Ed).  After several attempts where the installation failed right after entering the Product Key, did not enter the Product Key.  Then and only then did the installation continue and Windows Server 2008 got installed …  all this on the Virtual PC, mind you.

I then did the initial configuration (Computer Information and Security Information – I’m leaving Roles Summary ’til later, when I can figure out what that means).  But without the Product Key, I have essentially an evaluation copy installed.  Need to get the Product Key entered.

How this is done is to open the Control Panel, then open System.  At the bottom the last section is “Windows Activation”.  There is a product id field… and to the right of that is a link, “Change product key”.  Click on this and enter the product key.  Click on the button to accept this key and it will take a few minutes while the system thinks about it.

Now to find out about roles and about the next step in getting BizTalk on board.

This installation was actually a bust.  Turned out the iso image I had was for Longhorn and Longhorn Core… neither of these will work well.  Got seriously stuck on trying to install VStudio 08 – never could get it to install.

Finally got ahold of the right iso for WinSvr08 and the install went find.


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